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Potential Recruit:
I received your application for admittance within the Fifth Fleet. Before I pull you in for an interview, let me inform you as to what you are applying for.

We are the Fifth Fleet Marines of Kul Tiras, dedicated to the service and protection of the Grand Alliance. Our expeditionary forces are deployed to all corners of the globe, experiencing the culture and landscape of numerous exotic locales. New allies are won, and old enemies are hunted down wherever they may hide. Only the best of the best are permitted to hold this chalice of exploration and professionalism. Every part of this unit is expected to uphold proper uniform maintenance, public conduct, and restraint, even in the direst of circumstances. There shall be no compromise within the proud and few. Should you succeed in becoming a Marine within the bounds of the Fifth Fleet, you will meet your destiny among the best soldiers on the face of Azeroth. However, there is no guarantee that you will pass our rigorous expectations.

Do you have what it takes?

Should you decide that you are fit enough to attempt our training regimen, please reply with your decision.

Adm. Baldrec Ashcroft
5th Fleet Commander
Kul Tiras HIGHCOM, Boralus
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