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Mumble and TeamSpeak Server Hosting
(Nov 06, 2017)
Yo baldrec you stole our guild. Fuck you we have 93 members. Eat my cock
(Dec 19, 2015)
Uh what son
(Dec 17, 2015)
zyadet sucks
(Dec 14, 2015)
...and forums.
(Dec 14, 2015)
Updated some guild info.
(Dec 13, 2015)
(Dec 13, 2015)
(Jun 26, 2014)
Ya'll should go bump the forum post in the Moon Guard Forums!
(Jun 20, 2014)
Kul Tiras breaking the ceasfire is surprising to some people. I can't see why. XD
(Jun 15, 2014)
Rules and Regulations posted.
(Jun 14, 2014)
Alrighty, site is still being updated and whatnot, but for the most par it is ready to go.
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